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What we do

Established in January 2021 and headquartered in Hong Kong, is the largest cryptocurrency platform and education hub in Asia. It aims to popularize and promote the development and application of cryptocurrency in Hong Kong and Asia through the establishment and operation of Asia’s largest Bitcoin ATM network, OTC exchange, investment in blockchain startups, and hosting cryptocurrency seminars.

The largest ATM network in Asia

Providing instant and user-friendly crypto trading service.

>100 Bitcoin ATMs in Asia
Across 12 Asian countries

The Lion

Marti Wong

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Provide high liquidity and large-volume OTC trading services

Simple, secured and professional.

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Support and invest in blockchain projects

Supporting startups on their blockchain journeys.

Shocked Doge

Atsuko Sato

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Committed to promote crypto in Hong Kong and Asia

We are committed to promote the development and general application of cryptocurrency in Hong Kong.

CryptoPunk #7810

Larva Labs

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Flagship store in Causeway Bay - Asia’s largest cryptocurrency platform and education hub

Trade safe,
Trade anytime

Trade and earn interest from 5,000+ crypto pairs anytime, anywhere.

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Our NFT collection

NFT integrates art and technology which is coherent with CoinUnited's vision.
“Mars economy will run on cryptocurrency.”
- Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

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