NFT Gallery

No.1 NFT Collector in Hong Kong

As lovers of art and encryption technology, the team has taken the initiative and purchased more than 100 NFT artworks to date, which represents largest NFT collection in Hong Kong.

Our NFT collection

As blockchain technology and cryptocurrency become more popular and mature, new applications have emerged in art, music and even in real estate for identity verification. Among them, the most notable is the "encrypted digital art" - NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which is bringing forth a surge of excitement in the art and technology world.

The team has successfully made successful bid for “NBA Golden State Warriors First-time Limited Championship Ring NFT”along with a total of six physical rings for around US$700,000 and also won the bid (~US$140,000) in an auction and successfully purchased the world's first female artist NFT single "Lullaby" by Lindsay Lohan. The team will continue to purchase different NFT works, and hope to collaborate with local artists and help them entering the NFT market, in order to bring more possibilities to art with the aim to increase the source of income for artists, and support the creative industry actively during this difficult time of pandemic.