The First Ethereum Digital Painting - Ether in the Sky - 2017

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Yog Joshi
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Created back in October 20, 2017, 'Ether in the Sky' by Yog Joshi is considered one of the first (if not, the first) Ethereum digital illustrations/paintings, making it a piece of history and one of the rarest NFT collectibles in the market.

A Google image search of the following terms: "Ethereum Art / Artwork/ Painting / Digital Art, etc." shows 'Ether in the Sky' as the FIRST RESULT (If not, among one of the top results).

What makes this NFT artwork even more valuable is that there is a recorded process video available on Youtube (posted on October 20, 2017). This video stands as the first record of any Ethereum digital artwork being created.

The word Ether is defined as “the upper regions of space; the clear sky; the heavens”. Hence, I wanted to show Ethereum as something magical and beyond this world. This piece shows 3 shaman using their spiritual powers to become one with the ‘ether’. - Yog Joshi

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