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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

6 Steps for Crypto OTC Trading

Simple, Secure and Professional. We will provide 24/7/365 support to your needs.
Step 1
Contact us via Whatsapp
+852 9885 0246
Step 2
Apply for an OTC Account
You have to pass the KYC verification process when registering an OTC account.
Step 3
Communicate in a safe chatroom
Your dedicated relationship manager handles your trading requests in an end-to-end encrypted chatroom.
Step 4
Transfer fiat money (cash or bank transfer)/ cryptocurrency to your account
You can deposit fiat money (cash or bank transfer) or deposit Crypto to your account. We will confirm your deposit is received.
Step 5
Get the quotation and start trading
Obtain buy / sell quotation through your dedicated chatroom. Reply "Done" to confirm and execute your trade.
Step 6
Collect the cryptocurrency / fiat money (cash or bank transfer)
Buy - Provide your wallet address in chatroom. Crypto will be sent to your wallet.
Sell - Withdraw fiat money (cash or bank transfer) / keep the balance for the next trade in CoinUnited.

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